La carte de notre restaurant

Traditional Thai food


The menu of our restaurant consists of five starters and five traditional Thai dishes, but also five starters and five semi-gastronomic French dishes. Enjoy your meal !


Cod carpaccio with grapefruit powder 15 €
Japanese eggs, cep and truffle cappuccino 18 €
Octopus w. sweet potato aioli (garlic mayonnaise) 18 €
Burrata mozzarella and past chlorophyll 16 €
Foie Gras (goose/duck liver) w. vanilla and pineapple chutney 19 €
Vegetable egg rolls 14 €
Assortment around chicken 18 €
Thai fish soup w. vermicelli 16 €
Thai appetizer assortment 18 €
Grapefruit salad w. mediterranean daurade 17 €
Shrimp egg rolls 17 €
PS : egg rolls are fried, spring rolls are not

Restaurant cuisine thaï


Restaurant cuisine thaï

Sautéed pasta w. slipper lobster 32 €
Beef tenderloin w. sate, sweet potato fries 29 €
Cep and truffle dumplings 23 €
Crunchy crab and tourteau crab w. bulgur 25 €
Half-cooked tuna w. black sesame 24 €
Chicken cooked in a banana tree leaf 26 €
Peking duck, vermicelli, crunchy vegetables 26 €
Pad Thaï 24 €
Yellow curry salmon 24 €
Mediterranean daurade w. ginger and flavored mushrooms 23 €


Pineapple carpaccio w. saffron 8.50 €
Chocolate soup w. almond crumble 8.50 €
Exotic fruit infusion 8.50 €
Mont-Blanc (vanilla ice cream, chestnut cream, Chantilly) 8.50 €
Exotic fruit dome 8.50 €
Very very ‘gourmand’ coffee 11.50 €


We deliberately thought our card short, as it is a sign of freshness. All our dishes are prepared in our kitchen and of course we only work fresh products …
You also have the opportunity to taste vegetarian dishes.

In addition, a restaurant ideally located above Pointe Rouge beach, our Pascal’s kitchen has a verdant terrace with a breathtaking view of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.